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Jamie Leonhart: Music


(Jamie Leonhart)
written by Jamie Leonhart & Steph Altman, horns arranged by Michael Leonhart. Performed by Jamie Leonhart (vox) Marc Dalio (drums) Rob Jost (ukulele, bass) Michael Leonhart (horns) Steph Altman (b vox)

I’m awake again,

Wide awake

Spinning round again

Try to come down

And even when I turn myself around,

Go underground

Listen to the streets above,

And other fractured sounds

When I lay down

I’m awake

Oh, I think I’m in love


Heard your voice today

Cut through the noise

And every time I listen to that sound

I come down

Feel my feet on the ground

And I begin to see

What’s underneath, set it free

And I settle to sleep


And every time I see you on the street

I hear the sound of your heart,

It’s a song

The melody is easy to repeat

Short and sweet

Oh I think I’m in love